Children From 2 to 5 Years


Developmental and autism assessment, report, and form completion

Children Over 6 Years and Adults


Autism assessment, report, and form completion



Based on presenting concerns, cognitive, adaptive, and autism assessment, report, and form completion

CLBC and Disability Tax Credit Applications

Prorated fee of $180 per hour (minimum 0.5 hours)


Reports and forms are released following full fee payment. Partial payment is accepted for components of the assessment following consultation with Dr. Bowman.


Payment methods


Options include cheque, e-transfer to Dr. Jim Bowman, and online credit card payment through Square. Direct billing for partial fee payment is available for families with Pacific Blue Cross.  


Life can get in the way of plans. Unavoidable late cancellations are not charged a fee. Missed appointments without notice are charged a fee of $270. Cancellations that could reasonably have been avoided with communication and less than 24 hours’ notice are charged a fee of $270.





Fees are set based on the hours that are usually required to complete a comprehensive assessment of autism. Time in the office setting represents only a portion of these hours as phone and email contacts, document review, report writing, and form completion can be 3 times the direct contact with the child or adult.


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